Human Impact Issue

What to find out other ways to make a difference?  Go look at how you can get active to protect trout.

Can you spot the ways in which the streams are different?
do you notice is different about the two streams?  What is the same? 
Which stream is healthy?  Some of the answers are in the rhyming

Rhyming Riddles

  • When trout can't swim they're in a jam.  For healthy streams, remove the dam.
  • These critters like to drink and browse, but they kick up mud so let's move those cows.
  • Where there's no shade it's hot and so -- leafy plants near streams should grow.
  • Trout streams should not be flat and wide, rocks give trout a place to hide.

Trout in the Classroom
Does it sound like fun to have trout in YOUR classroom?  Tell your teacher or a family grown-up to visit

You can download the issue (PDF format).