Catch the Critter: 

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Our game is only one way of playing with these cards.  What other games can you play with these critter cards?  Invent your own game, and then tell us about it here.

What Eats What?

Trout Eat These: minnows, flies, leeches, caddisfly larvae, dragonfly larvae, stonefly larvae, mayfly larvae, scuds, crayfish, mayfly adult, caddisfly adult, grasshopper

These Eat Trout: river otter, great blue heron, common merganser, bear, hawk, raccoon, people

Rhyming Riddles

Trout may not be very wealthy, but their favorite streams are healthy.

When lakes are dirty there’s a solution: it’s time to clean up the pollution.

Underneath the silvery moon, trout are eaten by raccoon.
Beacause leave cause the sun’s heat to fade, for streams to stay cool, they need lots of shade.

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