The Basics – All You Really Need

You might be wondering what things you need to go fishing. The equipment depends on the type of fishing you set out to do. Besides patience and enthusiasm, you really just need a basic rod, a reel in good working condition and flies, lures or natural bait. It is also a good idea to be prepared for outdoor conditions with a vest or small backpack to carry items such as extra clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses (especially to protect your eyes if you are flyfishing), sturdy shoes or boots (that you can get wet), a snack and a water bottle. Always be respectful of your environment, and be sure to follow your state’s conservation and fishing rules and regulations.

Some Fancy Fishing Gear

You may have seen other anglers on the water outfitted with special equipment and extras. Depending on personal preference and experience, an angler’s tackle box might include tools such as a hemostat (helpful clamping pliers that aid in hook removal), nipper, retractor, fly line cleaner, additional flies, split shot, flashlight and a spool of tippet. Waders let you fish away from the shore keeping your clothing and shoes dry. If you decide to go in, remember that swiftly moving water can be dangerous — always fish with a buddy and wade in as shallow water as possible. As you become a more practiced angler, your equipment might become more sophisticated. It is good to remember that you don’t need any fancy stuff to get started, and nothing can compare to a day on the water learning new skills in beautiful surroundings.

Our friends at Orvis have a great online Fly Fishing Learning Center.  Check it out!